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  1. Allison Burlyn

    ASA has been a wonderful daycare experience for my son. He has just recently graduated from the program and is about to start Kindergarten. I have been amazed by what he has learned from the many wonderful teachers that he had the opportunity to interact with. I know that when he starts school in the fall, he will be ready and feel confident about any challenges that may be ahead.

    Thank you, Ms. Sally, Ms. Amy, Mr. Terry and all of the teachers for providing such a safe and welcoming daycare. I always felt at ease dropping off my son in the mornings and was able to focus on my job while at work.


  2. Jaine Wheeler

    My son has made lots of improvements since he started in June. He had a horrible experience at the last daycare. A step ahead is family owned and you can tell they care, the teachers are amazing and my son asks to go play with his friends when he’s not there he’s learned his ABC’S and counting to 10 and he’ll be 3 in 2 weeks. He went from playing alone to playing with all the other kids. I’m very thankful for a step ahead. We appreciate all of their hard work and time.

  3. Jen Hodges

    I have been incredibly pleased with the staff and atmosphere at ASA. The teachers love the kids and care deeply about their role- it is apparent in their interactions with the children and leads to me feeling 100% secure leaving my son in their care. I have heard horror stories from other parents about other daycares but have had no such experience here. My son is young yet, but he smiles every time I ask him if he is ready to go to school!

  4. Justin Poindexter

    We have graduated one son from A Step Ahead and our second son is currently enrolled. The attention and care our boys have received has been top-notch. Although our youngest is a happy-go-lucky boy 99% of the time, when his “free-spirited” shenanigans comes out or he chooses to grunt at his peers and teachers, the staff are patient and help him work through his moments. At pick-up, teachers take the time to share a little about the day and give feedback. A Step Ahead has been a big part of our boy’s development the past five years and we could not be more grateful.

  5. Loree Ann Mccants

    My son has been part of the A Step Ahead family for over 3 years. Starting in the pre k program and now in aftercare for first grade. Everyone there from Miss Amy and Miss Sally to the entire staff are wonderful! I wouldn’t have him go anywhere else!

  6. Hillary Joel

    My son absolutely loves A Step Ahead. He’s learned so much in his two years there and every teacher we’ve had cares for him like their own. He has several food allergies and they have been very accommodating (and patient) with us in making sure he doesn’t get what he shouldn’t have. We are very pleased!

  7. Brailey Ellis

    A step ahead is by far the best daycare in the Conway and Carolina forest area! I have worked at three different centers in the area and I have had children attend at least five other centers in the area and none of them can even come close to the quality of care that my children have received at A Step Ahead! One of the things that sets them apart from most is that you can tell their staff is well educated in early childhood education and that they are taken well care of because most of them have been there for years! And as a former daycare teacher, I can assure you that usually is not the case in a center that is over crowded and under staffed. A Step Ahead is far from that, if anything I feel as though they are over staffed and under crowded which means there are more personal connections made between the teachers and children. We love ASA and would recommend them to EVERYONE!!

  8. Guilia Lewis

    A Step Ahead is a great daycare. All the staff and owners are very friendly and welcoming!

  9. Shannon Lewis

    We love A Step Ahead great daycare!

  10. Guilia Fiorentino Lewis

    This is the best daycare.
    Everyone is very friendly and inviting.

  11. Amanda Gunter

    I love A Step Ahead CDC! I have two boys there and they love going to school every day. All of the teachers know them by name and my boys know all of the teachers. Mrs. Sally and Mrs. Amy are always interacting with all the children and making sure that they know the parents too. My boys love Mr. Terry’s cooking. I love how clean they keep the school too. I know my boys are taken care of and loved every day that I drop them off. The boys love it so much and we wouldn’t dream of switching!

  12. Summer Farrand

    A Step Ahead has been so wonderful to our son. After being on the waiting list for over one year. Our son came into their program at the age of 2. Prior to being enrolled at A Step Ahead, our son was a stay at home child. I worried about how he would “fit-in” to the program since most of the kids have been in the program since they were infants. As a mother of my first child, I was very nervous leaving him with people I didn’t know and children whose parents I didn’t know. From day one we felt welcomed as we walked our son to his classroom. Our son immediately took to an amazing teacher(still his favorite), however he was not ready for his mom to leave. A Step Ahead was so accommodating to help make the transition such a smoother process. A Step Ahead worked with our son and had him fully potty trained within no time. A Step Ahead communicates very well with us parents through Facebook, letters sent home, telephone calls, and bulletin boards within the day care. The owners care about the safety of all students and staff. The owners make all meals from scratch and they focus on our son’s health when preparing each meal Each teacher loves our child like we love our child and they keep our babies safe.

  13. Heather Turner

    We have been pleased with A Step Ahead since day one! My children are well taken care of, happy, and they are learning. I couldn’t ask for more. The staff is attentive and Educated. The family atmosphere and nurturing environment make me more than comfortable leaving my children in their care.

  14. April Betsch

    As new parents we were a nervous wreck about choosing a daycare. Our son is now 18 months and we wouldn’t want him anywhere else! The staff demonstrate great care and personal attention. The facilities are clean and safe. They serve healthy well balanced meals and we really appreciate how well they communicate. We are so glad we chose A Step Ahead!

  15. Ashlee Case

    Our family can’t say enough about how much we love ASA! After starting our oldest son at another facility (waiting to get in to ASA), we did not have a good experience. I will never forget, getting the call that a spot had opened at ASA, it was truly one of the best days of my life! They have been our family ever since. We now have our youngest son there and it is so great that he has the same teachers that our oldest son had. Mrs. Sally, Mr. Terry and Mrs. Amy make sure things are always done correctly and for what is in the best interest of the safety and well-being of the children. To be a full-time working parent, my mind is at peace leaving our son each day. We know that he will not only be well-taken care of, but also we know that he will be loved! Thank you to all staff members for helping to make ASA such as a wonderful place!

  16. Jen Taylor

    My daughter has been at A Step Ahead since August 2017 and she LOVES it. She has had amazing teachers and made wonderful friends. As we were new to the area and on a time crunch to find a daycare, we were blessed to find such a wonderful place for our daughter! The staff is willing to work with the kids and help them feel welcome and included!

  17. Ashley Tyler

    A Step Ahead came into my life in 2001 when my sister started going when she was 2. Mrs. Sally, Mr. Terry and Mrs. Amy have been like family ever since. When I had my daughter, I knew that whenever we began talking about daycare, there was never any other option for her but ASA. When I was younger, I never understood the importance of selecting the right daycare for your child. But I definitely understand it now!!! Knowing that my daughter is attending a safe, inviting and educationally stimulating environment gives me such great peace of mind while at work. My daughters teachers have been incredible and are so patient working with her as she adjusts to being around more children her age. They do so many different crafts, and I am always coming home with a new picture to put on the refrigerator. My daughters speech has also greatly improved with the help of ASA staff. I am so grateful for A Step Ahead and they will always be our first choice.

  18. John Case

    As a parent it is difficult to leave your precious children in others hands. It was for us until we found A Step Ahead. No we are so happy seeing the growth our boys have made both educationally and socially. Everyday they are greeted and leave with loving embraces. We can see the care that the staff has for each and every child and could not be happier.

  19. Jennifer Gaskins

    We came to ASA when my oldest son was almost 3 and my other baby was 10 months old. My oldest was almost nonverbal with a severe speech delay that the owner of the facility brought my attention to, as a first time mama, not having anything to compare his development to. She provided me with so many resources that led to a speech therapist coming to the facility to serve him at daycare. The teachers also met him right where his needs were and provided alternate ways for him to communicate with them. Had it not been for their early interventions and support to build his confidence in interacting with his peers, he would not be the thriving, social butterfky of a 6 year old he is today. He was beyond prepared for “big school.” Now, we had 4 kids, 3 of which are at ASA and we have nothing but incredible things to say about this facility. Every teacher knows each child by name. My children love going to school everyday. And as parents, we leave our most precious treasures knowing they’re safe, loved, and cared for… all while learning new things, every single day!

  20. Lindsay McKnight

    I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, but its impossible to work with a young child in the house. There are several daycares closer to me than ASA, but in my opinion none compare to this facility. The minute I walked in the door for my first visit, my gut said this is the place my child needs to be. I have 100% confidence my child is safe and well cared for. It’s unreal how much he’s learning and how much the teachers pour into the children. I drive 250+ miles per week going back and forth from daycare, and it’s worth every mile.

    The full ASA family made not only the initial transition into daycare easy, but they have also made each transition into the next room easy (other than leaving the teachers that we’ve grown so fond of). Mrs. Sally, Mr. Terry, and Ms. Amy have an amazing facility and we are eternally grateful for them!

  21. Melissa Gardner

    We moved here three years ago when our daughter was about 6 months old. I searched everywhere for daycare and was getting very discouraged as it’s so hard to find that perfect place for your baby. Thankfully I found A Step Ahead. The staff is amazing and the center is clean, safe and full of fun things for children of any age. Emma has grown and learned so much here. She loves all of her teachers and has made so many friends. It’s like a second family and we are forever thankful to them. We love this place!!

  22. Erin McDonald

    A Step Ahead has been an amazing home for my children. After a very dissatisfactory experience elsewhere in Conway, we were fortunate to find a space for our son at ASA. When our daughter arrived 2 years later, we had no doubts on where we would send her as well. I appreciate the kindness of all the staff, attention to age-appropriate learning, and that the food is home-cooked every day! Thank you to Ms. Sally and her team for taking such great care with our babies.

  23. Jeremy McDonald

    Our son has been at A Step Ahead for two and a half years and it has been a wonderful experience. The staff and teachers are great. We had him enrolled in another daycare, A Step Ahead is leaps and bounds better. Our newborn daughter started at three months and has been there six months so far and she loves it too. I highly recommend A Step Ahead to anyone I speak to looking for a daycare provider.

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